FreeBSD on the desktop is a whole stack - X11, Qt, KDE Frameworks, KDE Plasma and KDE Gear, and Wayland, and Poppler and GTK - o my!

Meeting whiteboard & camera (adridg, tcberner, zeising)
Meeting whiteboard & camera (adridg, tcberner, zeising)

A dozen or more people work on various parts of the FreeBSD desktop stack. Together we’re desktop@, and in various sub-constellations kde@ and x11@ and the like. We collaborate via the ports tree and via bugzilla, but it’s also good to see each other sometimes. The team is spread out across the world, so most effective is video call. We’ve recently started to stealthily use KDE’s meeting infrastructure for this, rather than proprietary solutions. As you can see, I’ve quickly introduced KDE e.V. board best practices which means taking a screenshot of the doodles (that’s beastie in a purple top hat) at the end of the meeting to document our effectiveness.

I really need to sort out my headset issues on FreeBSD (massive audio feedback in Logitech USB headset) so I can stick to one platform.

Upcoming or ongoing issues in the kde@ corner are:

  • Qt 5.15 WebEngine (python build, updates in general)
  • Qt6 (Loïc has a build, but it’s crashy)
  • Plasma 5.21 (systemsettings is crashy unusable, as is systemmonitor)
  • CMake 3.20.1 (in exp-run)
  • Plasma Wayland

So it seems we’ll be keeping busy for the foreseeable future.