The KDE-FreeBSD team has moved its primary communications channel (on IRC) in with the rest of the FreeBSD world. You can now find us on Libera.Chat, in the #freebsd-desktop channel.

Why the rename? We’ve been #kde-freebsd since 2003 or so, when Lauri Watts and .. um .. tap and lofi and arved and mdouhan formed the core crew, in my memory at least (IRC nicks stick in my head better than real names, it seems). In all that time we’ve been doing “KDE on FreeBSD” stuff. However, nowadays the KDE folks – not the same human bodies anymore – maintain essential parts of the desktop stack all over the place, and have close contacts with the X11 and Wayland people and coordinate with GNOME and XFCE and other environments; there’s enough technology overlap, and sufficiently few bodies, that we decided to throw it all on one heap to reduce the number of silo’s we build.