For FreeBSD things, there are four bug lists I keep track of; those are the “important bits” for me. It’s my bugs, and CMake bugs, and desktop bugs, and KDE bugs. Four lists, and sort-of-easy to query from FreeBSD’s bugzilla. I sometimes post to the socials a “daily buggle” of the counts of those lists. That started as a spoof of Wordle posts (I prefer Worldle myself) but has now grown to a tool of its own.

Here are the four bug lists I care about:

  • My bugs, which is bugs I have filed or been assigned. Stuff that is important for me personally.
  • CMake bugs, which are bugs that mention CMake. These may be CMake bugs, or may be ports-that-need-CMake attention.
  • Desktop bugs, bugs assigned to the desktop@ team. This might be desktop-basic infrastructure, or might be GNOME things because there’s no dedicated GNOME team.
  • KDE bugs, bugs for the KDE team. This includes CMake, Qt, KDE Frameworks, KDE Plasma and KDE Gear.

There is some overlap between the lists: CMake bugs are often on the KDE list as well.

Each of these bug lists can be read in CSV mode, leading to a format of one-line-of-headers and then a single line per bug. So for obtaining bug counts, I could use curl, then pipe to wc -l and subtract 1. Or Python. Or, who knows, awk and kio-fuse to read the web query as a file into awk. There anre many possibilities, so I arbitrarily chose Rust to implement a tool to do the fetching for me.

I’ve been intending to learn a little Rust for some time. Not particularly for production use, but as a what-is-this-about project it’s fine. It’s been a long time since I picked up a new programming language and I notice that something like Rust by Example just pisses me off. Along that path lie terrible copy-paste programs, and since I wrote way too much unwrap() in this program, I suspect I’m Doing It Wrong as well.

Buggle is my little project for doing Bugzilla queries (for FreeBSD anyway) and then Twitting about it. It’s also my project for learning some Rust. Probably it should grow something more Free Software friendly, like Matrix-posting, instead.

I’m not sure that Buggle is usable for anyone else: it needs tokens (both for the application and for user access) which I have stored locally.

I’m not sure that Buggle is usable for anyone else: it feels like largely glue code, written over four days of pointedly-not-reading-enough-documentation, (about the language) and feeling frustrated by the documentation that there is (for the libraries). At this point I certainly Have Opinions (and a 1.9GB build directory). I’ll be returning to Rust some other time. In the meantime, Buggle will be tweeing about my C++ bug-counts.