There’s a handful of updates to ports that I landed this week. It’s not a full picture of what the KDE FreeBSD team does, not by a long shot (the FreeBSD Quarterly gives a better picture there, and I’ll write another one for March). Sometimes I have an hour free and some Free Software energy, and then things get updated:

  • Cutelyst is a Qt web framework. One I’ve never actually used in anger, but Daniel Nicoletti keeps releasing it and I keep packaging it in the hopes that other people who need a web-templating engine in C++ use it.
  • Praat is a phonetics-research package, which I inherited during the time I was involved in audiology and hence interested in language acquisition. I don’t know how to use the application: I’m going to leave that to actual phonologists.
  • libphonenumber is one of those generally-useful things that Google does (when it’s not actively doing Evil). It updates regularly to track all things phone-number related in the world. It generally isn’t a pain to build, although this release snuck in some Java weirdness that isn’t described in the release notes or README.