Today closes out my first week of working "for" the Free Software Foundation Europe; the word "for" is in quotes because there is still some formalization left to do. Still, the FSFE -- and more particularly the Freedom Task Force -- is what occupies my time during the week. In terms of response times, that means I'm on call for FTF things during working hours in western Europe. "FTF things" includes planning and executing educational services around Free Software licensing, facilitating infrastructure activities and managing FSFE's legal affairs; as a whole this is aimed at the promotion of proper use of Free Software.

At the same time, this has an effect on the other Free Software work that I do. My day job is the FSFE, and KDE issues (primarily the OpenSolaris porting work) are going to move more strongly to the evening hours, something like 9-11pm. So do not necessarily expect responses to KDE things, especially bug reports or requests for testing, during the day or while I'm traveling on business. It's just so easy to get distracted by, say, fiddling around with Qt creator. KDE legal affairs may be compatible with business hours, depending on the topic. What I really need is a green, a purple and a blue hat to indicate what thing I'm working on at any given moment. Maybe I should file a feature request for KMail, disallowing access to certain mail folders during the work day; that would help enforce discipline for me quite a bit.

This first working week was mostly filled with the IFOSSLR launch in London; the journal is independent, but the FTF is keenly interested in high-quality legal opinion on topics around Free Software. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.