Up until today, the furthest south I had been in pursuit of Free Software was Abuja, although that was just a touchdown. I have practiced Free Software in Kano (12.1N) and in Bangalore (13.0N). Today, that barrier gets smashed as I head down to Latinoware in Foz Do Iguacu (25.5S). So that is four continents and the subcontinent (India has a special place in my heart); I have my sights set on Australia this winter, but the Antarctic will probably just not happen.

So, Latinoware. South America's largest Free Software conference? Eight parallel tracks? I'm tremendously honoured to be giving two talks at the conference. One with my blue hat -- KDE -- and one with my green hat -- FSFE. That's a technical and project plan talk about what KDE is doing and where it is going, and a project management and legal talk about how Free Software projects can be run. Both topics close to my heart, and I'll likely talk about what the FSFE does for KDE in the KDE talk and use KDE as an example in the FSFE talk. Hats can be so confusing.

In the meantime, I expect to be slightly out-of-sync with goings-on in Europe. I hope, nay, expect, the network to be better than at some conferences I've attended, though. See you soon (Helio, Mauricio, and others).