With the NLUUG fall conference over (and Linux Kongress and OSDevCon, all planned for the same days and me able to attend only one), my sights are re-set to the next conferences. And lo! They are almost upon us. Linux World in Utrecht (Netherlands), which is a small Linux-oriented trade show surrounded by three much larger IT trade shows (Storage, Security, and "Tools"). It tends to be fun, though not very Free Software-oriented. I especially like talking to the storage peeps, since there's a fair amount of technology hidden under the marketing speak -- for instance ZFS has dedupe now. There's two FSFE-related items on the agenda: I will give a brief talk on best practices in Free Software licensing for your Free Software projects (one sentence summary: consider the future business implications of your choice; longer version could be had at Latinoware). Karsten Gerloff will be paneling on public procurement (probably one sentence summary: chosing Free Software is a way to ensure long-term safety of data and social investment).

After that, at one week distance, is FSCONS where I'll run into Karsten again. Do you suffer from bumping into your boss all the time in random countries? I do. FSFE has a big lineup there, thanks to Alina and Matthias who are secretly coordinating our presence there. Again, best practices in licensing.

After that, things are clear right through to Sinterklaas, which is good for getting some desk-time.