Starting in November 2009, Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) will award three people with a Fellowship grant every month for the coming year. Everybody who is actively working for Free Software but cannot afford the Fellowship contribution can apply for the grant.

That's from the Fellowship of FSFE news page. The Fellowship of FSFE is the way that individuals can support the work of FSFE; by becoming a member you add to our resources of people, time, enthusiasm. However, it costs money, which not everyone has, so we're looking to recognize people who contribute time, enthusiasm and skills to Free Software with a complimentary Fellowship.

The Fellows in an area also organize get-togethers -- after all, they are members of one club -- and the groups in various cities in Germany are quite active and successful. In the Netherlands, not so much, but we're looking to change that by getting together in the second half of january (after jan. 14th, when the New Year's borrel for a whole bunch of Free Software and Open Standards groups happens). For those in .nl -- keep an eye on the national mailing list.