Every now and then I post a recipe on this blog, and sometimes I muse about KRecipes, and there have been a few KDE events (the launch event in Mountain View, or CampKDE) where I've baked cookies or done other foodie-oriented activities. You can usually count on me to go looking for interesting food (there is no guinea-pig to eat in London, BTW) at events as well. But this winter season, I'm looking at something different. We are looking at something different. The "we" here is the FSFE, and we've decided that there's worse things to do than cook a lovely dinner for some of our friends. So as part of our 2009 Fundraiser the executive team (comprised of at least three affirmed foodies -- I'm not sure we have anyone who can function as a sommelier though) will be cooking a lovely dinner for one lucky sponsor of the FSFE.

Perhaps I'll be able to practice this weekend with Claudia in Berlin -- I seem to remember we got along pretty well cooking dinner in Paul's appartment last year, but it's a little hazy. Otherwise I'm left to come up with something creative to do with the rutabaga in this week's vegetable hamper all on my own.

So watch out: Freedom Food might be coming your way.