Here we have some of the brains behind FSFE. It's just who we have at the office today, Alina, Hugo and myself. Matthias has run off for now.

That's one of the things about FSFE people: always busy with new projects (like learning to cook), new bits of information to get out into society (Hugo does that), new applications to promote (like yacy). They don't stand still. Some of them don't stand still long enough for me to draw a silly picture of them or get a picture of their hair. Henrik Sandklef, for instance, was at FSCONS but didn't get a caricature in a previous flashcard because he didn't stand still all weekend, he was so busy organizing things and making sure that things worked out right at the conference. You can see Henrik in the GHM photo, right in the center.

There's also the FSFE people whom I haven't seen since I started my artistic career (ten days ago). The formal composition of the FSFE as an association and the core team of the FSFE shows that I've missed more than half of them. So do not think that my set of drawings is complete -- far from it, given that Gareth (UK), Shane (FTF), Georg (Founding President), Pablo (Spain), Reinhard (Finance), Patrick (Italy), Bernhard (Germany), Henrik (Sweden) and Fernanda (Vice President) are all missing from my portfolio. Come to think of it, I should really boot up my Apple //c and type in the old "Animals" program to create a taxonomy of all 15 members of the association. In theory four yes/no questions should suffice.

Fake screenshot