All I want for Christmas is to stay home, play in the snow with the kids, rearrange the living room and plan how to attend the following interesting events (in calendar order), all of which are in the Netherlands or functionally equivalent (that is, take a train ride no longer than from here to Delfzijl):

  • FOSDEM -- it's the 10th edition of FOSDEM already! Wow, how time flies. I think I've attended four or five, only. While in past years I was running back and forth between the KDE and Sun (or OpenSolaris) stand, this year I will be rock-steady at the FSFE stand, where you're welcome to talk about licensing, freedom, patents, and all else that ails you. Of course, I can still demonstrate KDE4 running on OpenSolaris, but only in its role as the platform I sometimes use to get my work done.
  • The 6th Amsterdam Girl Geeks Dinner with Karin Spaink as keynote speaker is scheduled for the 18th of February. Topic is privacy.
  • Linux Audio Conference is in Utrecht, from May 1-4. All you ever wanted to contribute to audio in the Free Software world, in 4 days. Kernel, applications, collaboration.
  • NLUUG Spring Conference of Systems Administration.

And did you know? You can support the FSFE in its support for Free Software throughout Europe -- in legal, licensing, policy, governance, promotion, procurement and publicity -- by donating to help it achieve its goals. Which include being at conferences (like FOSDEM, the NLUUG conferences, and many others) to spread the word about Free Software, for individuals, businesses, and organizations.