Going to FOSDEMLike many folks, I'll be going to FOSDEM this weekend, in Brussels. Thomas Koch posts his whole weekend schedule -- gosh, that's ambitious. I know I never get around to attending one tenth of the talks I might intend to see, simply because there's too many people to talk to, things to demonstrate, chats to have and random other interesting things to do. Given the state of my health, I think I'm going to remove "excessive amounts of beer" from my list-of-interesting-things, but I'm still looking forward to Brussels Cheese during the social hours. Isabel Drost is giving a talk on Hadoop -- that's one I might actually make a point of attending, because otherwise I'm never going to understand any of her blog posts. I guess like I'm tedious about licensing, she's tedious about map-reduce. We'll see.

For most of the weekend you will find me at the FSFE stand near the front entrance. I hope it's less freezing cold than down the other end of the hall where the KDE stand is, traditionally. I'll be available for legal and licensing talk, mostly. Governance? Patents? All ears. For technical stuff I will need to escape from the watchful eye of my handler, Hugo Roy, and covertly discuss bits and bytes.