I love Free Software!Valentine's day is approaching, and if you love Free Software, show some of that love. Send a bug report (a well-written one). Add to API documentation (someone was complaining about that on the dot). Update a wiki page.

The Free Software Foundation Europe encourages you to show your appreciation for your (fellow) friendly neighbourhood Free Software contributor. Hugs show up with distressing frequency in the KDE world, as does beer. I've gone out of my way to thank folks who have written useful software for me, and I'd like to recommend you to do it too.

A long time ago, in elementary school -- and a primary purpose of elementary school is socialization -- the words we used were "warm fuzzies" and "wet blankets" to describe different ways of interacting with people. Wet blankets tend to hang around a long time; so spread some love instead.

(Maybe this is just cover for an upcoming "ten things in KDE4 use that I can't decide whether they're bugs or just design decisions that I don't like" blog post, who knows?) (Also, in spite of Tom Albers, I'm not going to be at the Dutch KDE launch event -- other commitments)