This weekend is Software Freedom Day -- a chance to celebrate the idea that you, the owner of a computing machine, should be in control of the computations done on that machine. As the owner, you should be able to run what ever you want on the machine -- or be able to prevent running someone else's software on your device. This is a notion best served by Free Software.
The SFD events are global and organized in a decentralized fashion. I see there are six events in Nigeria, for instance, including one in Bauchi state and one in Sokoto. There are two events in the Netherlands, one on the 18th in Den Haag (the Hague). Karsten Gerloff, president of the FSFE, will be speaking there, among others. The other event is on the 17th in Amsterdam at the CWI.
Also don't forget that the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate day.