Ok, my new machine is installed (and amd64 running FreeBSD -CURRENT, which puts me firmly at the forefront of things-unstable). It runs KPilot 4.4.0 from KDE CVS HEAD, though, which is a good thing. Of course, having a new machine means spending lots of time figuring out its quirks and installing all that software that turns out to be essential.

I really like FreeBSD for its approach to additional packages: don't install them unless the user asks for it. The ports system works really well, but it's always painful on a new machine when I need to draw a diagram now and discover that XFig hasn't been installed yet. It's a quick fix, but it bugs me.

Anyway, I can still work on KPilot ..

For KDE 3.2, KPilot 4.4.0 will be the norm, and it's a little wonky still. I will be putting up updates on the site along with an updated build system, so that users can fairly easily upgrade while ignoring the string, feature, and everything freeze.