Ah, the joy of CSS. I never knew them, Horatio. Or something like that. Yesterday, after Reinhold registered the kpilot.org domain, I decided that we'd need to update the site and give it more room to breathe; more room to reflect the ongoing development of KPilot. Since the frames-based design of the old KPilot website was somewhat broken -- it didn't adapt to changing font sizes at all -- I decided that now was the moment to do something neat with CSS.

It's been an interesting ride, so far. I'm quite pleased with the new look. Looking for CSS help was a pleasure, really, with ggl:css guide being all I needed to find such useful sites as a guide for the unglued, which pointed me further to a guide on css positioning. And that was all I needed to get the menu, over there on the left, to stay put, and the news items and the hardware list to behave nicely.

All these boxes being stacked vertically and horizontally made me think of TeX, the original letters-are-just-boxes typesetter, with which I can still do a lot of fancy tricks. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look, and remember to read about how to help KPilot as well!