My Zire 31 went missing after the most recent Linux Bijeenkomst in Tiel. That puts a big damper on KPilot development, so I went and ordered a new Tungsten|E (since, frankly, the Zire 31 sucks) – thanks to the one person who has donated to the KPilot slush fund, that wasn’t as big a hit as it might be. And within half an hour of the new device arriving, I found the Zire, secured under the stuffed rabbit strapped in Mira’s play stroller. So now KPilot has more devices – more VFS toys – to play with. That means I will now go and mess with VFS some more in pilot-link, and that KPilot work will still be delayed a bit more. Oh, and I’d like to say “Hi” to van Rijn, who is interested in doing a knotes-like conduit, except one that can handle hundreds of notes, and thanks to Olivier for the patches for datebook weirdness.