So vanRijn has joined the crusade of ``what the heck is wrong with KPilot,’’ and is busy cursing the conduits. I’ve finally gotten some builds back to the state that they actually, er, build, so I can run PIM HEAD against BRANCH again and mess with KPilot. I created a new user, with a fresh .kde, and started KPilot. Ugh. Just basic usage is messed up, if only in subtle ways. I got the following just by messing with startup, not even touching the actual functionality of the application:

  • If you have no saved configuration, the complain about the configuration takes precedence over the fact that you passed the –setup flag on the command line.
  • If you cancel the configuration wizard which gets started from the complaint window, KPilot tells you the wizard couldn’t be loaded.

So this time, I’m trying to test my way thoroughly through the application removing silly buglets before daring to look at the far bigger picture of crashes with threading, unresponsiveness to USB, porting to pilot-link 0.12, and conduits bugs.