The first pre-release version of pilot-link is here! A tremendous amount of work has been put into the new release, yielding improved compatibility with OS5 devices and a large amoun of code cleanup. The command-line tools are now much more consistent in how they use options, and lots of bugs have been cleaned up. This is a -pre1 release, so there are probably new bugs as well – be sure to report them.

Do not install this -pre1 release over top of your existing pilot-link 0.11.8 installation (or even older versions). This will break all applications using pilot-link, since this version is neither binary nor source compatible with 0.11.8.

KPilot is ported to 0.12 already – just grab the 4.4.6 tarball, cvs update it, and you are ready to go, or wait for KPilot 4.4.7 in a few days.

The tarballs, signatures, md5s:

GZipped Tarball GPG Signature md5: 0eb1208d3b0f9e31267267f1519fea38

BZip2 Tarball GPG Signature md5: ce2186709610888a6b9fcc8eb9f76cb7

It’s a good idea to take a look at the pilot-link website for any other release notes.