The KDE4 Release Event - a few days after the actual release of KDE 4.0.0 - looms in my calendar. The board of KDE e.V. will be at the main event in San Francisco, but there are other release events happening worldwide.

There is an event going down in Hamburg, most likely at a decent bar. If that happens, I cannot stress enough that you must not let Frerich buy you a swimming pool. They are blue and terribly gross.

Another event seems to be planned in Berlin, but details are scarce. That town is so packed full of interesting places and people that I would hardly know where to begin with enthusing. And there are tons of great KDE folk there as well, including principal PIM hackers.

PIM hackers are a scarce resource. Coddle them. Offer them babysitting (at least two are spawning this spring) or a drink. Help them get PIM on the road by writing code, testing KDE PIM 4 (carefully!) and being constructure. KDE PIM is not being released with KDE 4.0.0 because it’s not ready. Help out. Join the party.

[[ On unrelated notes, Shawn makes the whole desktop spy on development activity and Jason refers to my favorite Disney movie but does not actually talk about Donald in mathemagic land, where he learns chess and the golden ratio. ]]

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