Well, I finished up the final PDF to send to the printers for my thesis yesterday (in the Netherlands you are expected to print an actual book of it, and I’ve got an ISBN and everything), but naturally that can’t compete against KDE4 for momentous finishes.

Sometimes I’m picky about grammar and spelling. So I’m going to take a moment to say that “per say” just gives me goosbumps and the crawling heebie-jeebies. It is “per se”, related to German “an sich”, and is Latinate for “of itself.” And it is unfortunately a homonym of “per say.” Anyway, I mean to say that Aaron gives me goosbumps. People may point out that this paragraph contains a sentence that begins with “and” and that that is bad. Go ahead. I know that when the book comes back from the printer I will open it up and find some totally boneheaded mistake on page 3, in spite of all the aspell and proof-reading that I have thrown at it. It is always like that.

With the thesis out of the way, I feel much more relaxed. Time to stress up for being in the USA. I’ve gone and cleaned out my laptop to make sure I’ve got KDE4 source all up and running on it (I can choose between CDE and GNOME 2.18 right now, so I have real incentive to get KDE 4 up – altough I do kind of like the looks of GNOME), I’ve got a sketch of the presentations that I will be giving, and generally I’m looking forward to meeting (again) a whole bunch of cool Free Software and technology people. Not particularly looking forward to the actual travel bit, what with catching a train at 6:50am monday, but hey. I can be free.