Oh my god, what a fabulous room!
Are all these your guitars?
This place is bigger than our apartment.

So it feels to arrive at the Wild Palms for the KDE4 release event. It’s nice. It has a Wendy’s across the road, for Canadian hamburgers (I have urges when I get to North America, eh). After a long flight – longer than my laptop batteries last while compiling Qt on platforms it’s not normally tested on — Stefan Teleman picked me up at the airport and dropped me at the hotel.

Franz K. and Wade O. were already there, and we got comfortable talking about KDE, burgers and beer. The Safeway has beer, so we sampled (like true connoisseurs; Franz is Austrian and They Think They Know Beer®). Busch is quintessential North American beer. Watery, boring and bad. If I close my eyes I can imagine it is Labatt’s Blue. Dave Barry wrote a column about North American beer back in 1985 (“beer for burly men who do things that make you sweat, and then they drink more beer”) and the product is still just yucky. A local brewery’s Pale Ale fared much better in the taste test; the hops was nice and bitter, but the nose held raspberry which makes us suspect that it’s not quite up to the Reinheitsgebot. A Pilsener Urquell to soothe the troubled Austrian was needed as well.

Plan for today? Compile, compile, compile. Plan and write presentations (I have at least two to give this week). Plan BoF sessions – the FreeBSD BoF may well end up in a local brew-pub, so convert now! Cast down your heathen penguins and join the true faith! – and do a little more active recruiting for them. I have started a BoF scheduling page on the wiki with some suggested times. Add your own as well.

Note that our opening speaker has changed; Chris can’t make it to SFO on time, so yours truly will be opening the day on friday the 18th.

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