So some of us were sitting around hacking yesterday in the bar area of the hotel, asserting that Silicon Valley confirms every possible stereotype about the US and Americans at every turn – it is just like on TV – when I wandered into the adjoining kitchen area. “mmm, smells good!” and 2 minutes later we had fresh-baked cookies and a glass of milk. Just like on TV. Some stereotypes ain’t so bad.

Kindest of thanks to the staff at the Wild Palms. I can’t remember all the names off the name tags, but thank you.

The stereotypical American street scene with SUVs is totally true. So I will fight back with a Dutch stereotype. We all wear wooden shoes and ride bicycles. The route planner for bicycles shows that you can apply all that navigational software know-how to a real problem, namely getting from one city to another by bike. Maybe it allows for annotations to locate tulip fields.