After a very successful trip to SFO (which has left me jet-lagged and ill) for the KDE4 release event, where I demo’ed KDE4 on OpenSolaris to two different groups inside the Menlo Park main Sun campus (garnering a good collection of “ooh, shiny!” comments and promising, basically, that things would work well with KDE 4.1) it’s back to the grindstone working on KDE’s dependencies and KDE SVN itself. The KDE on OpenSolaris project page doesn’t show much happening, but the creation of a Techbase page for getting the word out (and especially: maintaining the word) about how to build KDE4 on Solaris is a big step.

Lukas Oboril has been instrumental in pushing 64- and 32-bit builds on us. All the KDE dependencies now build both flavors of libraries and binaries, which means you can, in theory, run a pure 64-bit system with KDE4 on it. Getting all the fiddly bits just right has been an adventure though the bowels of libtool and then hunting all the spots where we forgot to pass –bindir to configure. That kind of stuff. Adventures are often tedious, you know. The beefy build server for KDE on Solaris has been kept good and warm (it’s nice when a load average of 13 means “plenty idle”).

Right now I’m just wrapping up the packaging part of Qt 4.3.1 (from before the GPLv3 announcement; we’ll have to update to Qt 4.3.4 when it comes out because .2 and .3 have nasty OpenGL bugs) and then we’ve got a stable set of ported 64- and 32-bit Free Software dependencies for KDE. Another small step forward.

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