Catching up with some comments and bits and pieces of news:

  • QNX got a mention in the comments on target platforms. I don’t know if anyone has tried porting KDE to that – it is a supported platform for Qt.
  • I stand corrected on the nature of the HP compiler. Picky compilers are good. Is there anyone trying Intel’s icc on KDE code?
  • Fred Emmott writes about 64-bit portability. This is something I don’t see many problems with pointers-casting-to-ints in KDE code; we have been fairly 64-bit clean for many years (thanks to old efforts on Tru64, for instance). But it’s a good read, since I’m wrestling with the rest of the software stack, which we build for OpenSolaris (and not everyone plays nice then).
  • Umbrello gets a name-check and a bad link (the correct one is Umbrello’s SF page) at the Register.
  • Celeste was a great help at the SQO-OSS BoF at the KDE4 release event, with a bunch of good research ideas, and she remains productive after the event. That kind of “here are a bunch of detailed improvements you can make” is the best kind of feedback a coder can get – as one commenter writes “it’s totally obvious and I would never have figured it out myself,” thus confirming the old stereotype of coders not getting usability at all. That’s ok, we’re a community.
  • OSOL got another half-dozen packages today; you can build right on through to Qt and then get started on KDE now, and the dependencies are just filling in the cracks.

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