The yearly PIM meeting is on in Osnabrueck. It’s almost 9am so I can imagine them walking from the hotel (where the breakfast is always cramped but fun) through the snow to the office. I will presume that the attendees are productive – Tom shows that you can do a lot in a little code. Krake is Akonadifying kabcclient – all of PIM needs that kind of attention, in order to use the new shared data storage (and then KPilot has one less point of variation to worry about, since we’ve always had trouble keeping up with the storage and data APIs of the individual applications).

On the PIM lists, things are pretty active again. Kevin Kofler – representing Fedora – has been doing a lot of cleanup work and testing of the migration path from KDE3 to KDE4. That’s something developers can easily overlook: you transition once, sometime in the alphas stage of a release, from the previous version to the current dogfood, and then you forget that after you people will have to make the much bigger step from one production version to another. That’s something that can cause a lot of annoyance for users.

Anyway, it’s a good time to be PIMming. Especially new contributors are welcome, as PIM continues to have a person-power shortage (on all fronts: code, documentation, website content). Stop by #kontact for a chat on freenode.

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