Someone said to me recently “Ade, you have a weird blog. You post lots of things in one go, and then go quiet for a week or more.” Of course this is true. Witness, for instance, a 10 day gap with my last posting. It has everything to do with my work schedule, though. The past 10 days were a SQO-OSS project code sprint, which meant being in London and hacking Java from early to late. Well, as befits a sprint it was “work hard; play hard” so the hacking ended at a sensible hour and we all headed to the pub. I also gave a talk about SQO-OSS as a platform to the Open Source Specialist Group of the BCS.

This kind of event really chews up all my available time (it did not help that the hotel had no wireless either) so blogging is right out under those circumstances. I know I had left a few Dot and planet KDE pages open in Konqueror when I left, meaning to comment on them; by the time I got around to it all the entries were sufficiently dated and be-commented that it did not seem to be worth it anymore.

Anyway, back from London, there’s lots of interesting KDE things to attack, FOSDEM coming up, back in the swing of things. I may even last another three days of blogging before vanishing again (but that will be in the direction of Brussels, which is an altogether good thing).