This entry is being written inside the Qt demo browser using webkit. It is only a proof of concept. If this were a real browser, there would be lots more entries like it.

Lurie provided me with the and browser executables he had built (not using the KDE-Solaris build infrastructure)and these work. Not like a charm, because rendering is very slow (certainly when the machine is also under other load), but as usual: the fact that it works at all is a fundamental success that obscures superficial flaws.

By now kdelibs, pimlibs and base have built against my copy of Qt 4.4 (qt-copy), so I can also run konsole or konqueror. Konsole still has a number of weird flaws on Solaris, konqueror can’t load kio_http (missing libraries to link in, probably an artifact of our link flags) and the display of the start page with the nicely rendered gradient borders is broken – only the corners show up.

But, with this fundamental success, a nice desktop is only a pkill dtwm ; /opt/kde-4.0/bin/startkde away.