I am writing these lines from inside a lion,
and it's rather dark in here.

I really wanted to be able to write “inside a WebKit-based browser” for this episode of “Noun on Noun” blogification, but the stability of WebKit leaves something to be desired. That should be qualified to “of WebKit on OpenSolaris as compiled by the KDE-Solaris team, used in the demo browser in the pre-release qt-copy version,” because otherwise it’s not really accurate. The demo browser starts up, and will render at least the first page I ask it to (even fancy stuff, but not everything). A click tends to crash it, but opening new tabs is OK. YouTube doesn’t work, darn it, and I wanted to watch “Heeeere fishy fishy” with Bert and Ernie.

There’s various suspicions to track down: STL corruption or mixing (between Cstd and stdcxx), freetype mixing (between 2.3.5 and something entangled with Xorg, it looks like) or just something else. The debugger is cryptic in different ways from gdb, but produces nice backtraces. So we’ll get it sorted, now that we have emerged from the phase of “get it to work at all” and are moving into “make it work well.”