Although there are other serious topics to address – the importance of process, what the e.V. is and what niche markets can do for KDE – my immediate pressing needs are related to a few jars I just got from Peru. I don’t know what they contain or what to rightly do with them:

  • A jar of huacatay. It’s a green paste, tastes salty.
  • A jar of awaymanto marmelade. It’s orange and very very tasty and sweet. The contents look sort of like fig and eyeball puree.

    My initial reaction is to throw away the huacatay and put the awaymanto on toast. Is that vaguely the right thing?

    [[ I got Qt 4.4 compiling on OpenSolaris and working again – although I didn’t test out the WebKit browser app this time, I was satisfied that the apps came up at all. There is definitely something somewhere in our build or the optimization flags that is making everything hang when we use the regular KDE-Solaris flags. That’s a long hunt, given the number of factors involved. ]]