For the first time this winter – since it is now spring and all the trees are blossoming – it has snowed. My brother, over from Honduras for this week, is not impressed and quite a bit cold. I am really looking forward to spring and bicycling and pottering in the garden in general this year. We have rented a plot of land of 100 square meters to use as a vegetable garden, so there will be zucchini and worse.

It seems snark is the new constructive criticism. Mike said it really well, so I won’t repeat it here. I kind of liked Jos’s examination of the KDE4 logout process, but the same thing could have been done without the snark, really. I sympathize with Jos’s, point, though, as I said at FOSDEM “the logout thing drives me up the wall.” And one thing Jos forgot was that your X session must support Xrender or alpha blending to logout at all – some thin clients can’t, so I became quite proficient with qdbusviewer’s method call window. For real deserved snark, the comics curmudgeon is a good place, while the original websnark tends to have a more positive look at webcomics.

My enthusiasm for ZFS has been tempered somewhat by a subsequent half-dozen installs, but I’ve found another 200G disk in a dusty box somewhere, so at some point I’ll blog about the good bits (and the bad bits of the various installers that OpenSolaris uses). But first I must become a doctor. And maybe next weekend, I can learn French.

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