After a six-month break (stupid Dutch labour laws) I’ve returned to CodeYard, the project to promote the production of Open Source software in Dutch high-schools by getting students to write it. A reorganization and an office move have passed me by, so all my crap (including two HP9000s in 19” cabinets) has moved to a newer more spacious office without me lifting a finger, although I need to now remember that I belong to the “Digital Security” group. I’m in HG2.047 at the University of Nijmegen if you feel like dropping by for coffee; call ahead: 024 3652075.

My first CodeYard act has been to turn off the spam spewing out of the CodeYard server due to buggy blog aggregation software (fortunately the spam gets caught one hop down by the university sysadmins, but I now owe them cookies).

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