Man, the list of upcoming events is a mile long and a mile wide (1609m for the sensible parts of the world, yielding 259 ha of events or about 7 bathtubs full of tiger tails). Here’s a few:<ul><li>The NLUUG Spring Conference has security as its topic this year (a recurring theme for UNIX administrators and users, naturally). There will be two talks on the Mifare Classic chip which has been causing an awful stir in the Netherlands, as well as more classical themes such as spam prevention. The NLUUG conferences are always good fun, medium-sized events (three to five hundred people, so slightly larger than Akademy).</li><li>The NLUUG Fall Conference is on embedded and mobile applications; the CfP has not gone out yet, but keep it in mind. There will be plenty of Linux and Embedded stuff to do in the Netherlands in mid-November; folks working on something for the embedded track at Akademy can aim for a partial recycle here.</li><li>Speaking of Akademy, there’s Akademy. The CfP is out and you have another six weeks or so.</li><li>For the first time, the Amsterdam Girl Geek Dinner will be held, april 10th. Unfortunately you’ll also encounter me there. I’m glad Donna has invited me out for the event.</li><li>Continuing on the theme of Women in Technology, there’s the German National Tech day for girls (and, as an aside, march 6th past had a symposium on Women in Science in Nijmegen, which was unfortunate because it coincided with my thesis defence or otherwise some of my visitors would have gone there).</li><li>Let’s hear it in general for plans to do a NAkademy (or some better name) outside of the EU in early 2009.</li><li>LinuxTag in Berlin is coming up at the end of may; I’ll be happy to be in the city again.</li></ul>There’s more events, I’m sure; the kde-events mailing list is the kick-off point for events coordination and annoucements. I think OpenExpo in Bern, Switzerland is up next (or it may have passed).

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