Woo hoo! Going to Amsterdam. That’d be more thrilling, maybe, if I didn’t live in the Netherlands. But Amsterdam is really far away, both emotionally and in terms of train travel. Cologne is much closer, both in my experience of “yeah, I’d drink beer there” and travel time. There’s two events I’ll be visiting (and Chani is passing through Schiphol sometime this afternoon on her way to the Plasma sprint, but she’s unreachable and only in-transit for about an hour - a pity, as I’d much have liked to meet a Real Plasma Hacker for once).

The Amsterdam Girl Geek dinner will have about 35 attendees, which I think is a great turnout for the first time of such an event. This is the kickoff of something intended to be a monthly event for women (in spite of the girly moniker) in IT and an initiative I really applaud.

Next morning, the FSF Europe FTF (old website: I can’t find the FTF mentioned on the new FSFE site) is holding a licensing workshop; I’ll be there to communicate about how KDE deals with copyrights, licensing, etc. That’s just one of the reasons I was looking at the licensing of KDE code recently. I will be dragging along a partial checkout of support and libs in order to check them on the train (using my eee, so’s to finally test its functionality).

Maybe there’s other things to do in Amsterdam. I don’t know. I should get a tourist guide ☺

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