Yesterday I went through KDEPIM to get it to compile on OpenSolaris; this was pretty straightforward and I caught extra compile issue where KDEPIM and pimlibs had diverged. KMail starts. It then complains about logging in to my IMAP server using PLAIN; I haven’t sorted out whether that is a configuration issue on my end or if it is something with SSL instead. Something to track down after I knock over kdenetwork.

I have added stack trace support to kdeui so that when an app crashes (not if) you get a trace dumped to stderr; this is faster and more convenient than using gdb even if you don’t get the nice window with a trace like this. I’ll have to work on it a little, though, as it prints C++ symbols in mangled form. But having this feature immediately confirms my suspicions that Konqueror is crashing deep in the KJS engine when doing garbage collection. This does not surprise me, as I know I put an egregious hack in there in order to get it to compile at all. So remember: any comments I make under the heading “Solaris” about the stability of KDE4 applications apply only to the port of said apps on OpenSolaris with the weird set of tools that the KDE-Solaris team has chosen. What goes on on other platforms is a different matter entirely.

Anyway, the backtraces (from printstack(3)) look like this:

/lib/'__sighndlr+0xf [0xfef00d0f]
/lib/'call_user_handler+0x2bf [0xfeef5c32]
/opt/kde-4.0/lib/' 1cDKJSJCollectorbEmarkStackObjectsConservatively6Fpv2 +0x6a [0xf950306e] [Signal 11 (SEGV)]
/opt/kde-4.0/lib/' 1cDKJSJCollectorbFmarkCurrentThreadConservatively6F +0x74 [0xf95033f8]
/opt/kde-4.0/lib/' 1cDKJSJCollectorbEmarkStackObjectsConservatively6F +0x18 [0xf950341c]

Which is perfectly readable if need be. An improvement would be to de-mangle names nicely so I don’t need to pipe the output through c++filt.

[[ Words of thanks to Robert Knight for thinking about my Konsole problems and pointing out where I should start looking. Thanks too to Joep Vesseur who keeps pointing me in the right direction for Solaris tweaks even when he claims not to know C++. In the time it took to write this blog entry, I got kdenetwork to 29% compiling. ]]