A hacking sprint like we had in Berlin takes some recovery – this is common to sprints, as you might see by reading either Chani’s or Aaron’s “I’m tired” posts after the Plasma sprint in Milan last week. I think it was a good week for sprinting. Maybe Paul will put up some charts showing the kind of productivity effects the different sprints had on their respective projects. I know it felt good to be together in a small group hacking towards a shared goal that, we could articulate over beer and food.

Recovery after such an event takes a few days. I didn’t even have to change timezones but I’ve been sleeping weirdly for a few days; it finally feels like I’m settling down again today.

Which means taking out KDE4 for a spin on Solaris again and catching up with what broke in the meantime. Not much, really. Only the introduction of some new dependency libraries – poppler, in this case – opens up new perspectives for finding broken code elsewhere. You can’t debug what doesn’t get compiled due to missing dependencies, after all. I’m running into one thing in okular’s chm support, which uses u_int32_t and similar; Solaris of course has only uint32_t while Linux only has the version with the extra underscore and FreeBSD has both. I’ll have to wrestle a little with it; it should probably just be ported to use quint32 instead.

There is little rest for the wicked, though. Friday I’m packing up again to go to Calgary to visit old friends. I hear the weather is just peachy there.