Interesting Free Software events I can think of in the Netherlands in short order:

May 15th is the NLUUG spring conference on security.

There’s another CodeYard community day on June 21st; these Community Days bring together CodeYard participants from across the country (twenty to thirty of them) for a one-day combination of talks about computer science topics (model checking this time, by Frits Vaandrager) and hacking on the CodeYard projects everyone is involved in.

Then in early july (5-11) there is the eth-0 outdoor LAN event. Assuming good weather it looks like a wonderful location in the quiet north-west of the Netherlands (I’m not fond of “the west” as I associate it with big dirty cities, but up that way it’s quite nice). And camping is always good. The organizers are hoping to get a good KDE-NL presence there, which I think would be a good thing for KDE-NL as well. We can have our yearly BBQ there or something.

August gives us Akademy in Belgium.

September has the Holland Open Source Conference (which is more about stuff on servers than stuff on desktops) which this time is partnering up with other conferences at the Westergasfabriek, it seems.

I don’t know what to do in October.

And November has the NLUUG fall conference which has mobile devices as its theme; this will be co-hosted with the Embedded Linux Forum ELC conference, so for two days of embedded devices come to both conferences.

After that I think we can settle down for Sinterklaas.

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