I’d like to welcome to the fold (as it were) Marijn Kruisselbrink, who will be working on Small Form Factor (SFF) support form Plasma. For “small” think “smaller than an Eee” – an Eee is still a PC with the fine-grained input provided by keyboard and mouse. This is a humongous step forward in providing a smooth KDE experience in unexpected places (I think we can skip the rule 34 interpretations of this). But remember it is Plasma focused. There are plenty of KDE applications that don’t play nice with small screens already (big configuration dialogs, mostly). That’s not on the agenda, but might be a side project if we get really excitied about dealing with form factors (it’s also been on the todo list for EBN checking for ages).

It turns out I’ve already stood and admired Marijns work, but just not realized it was him :-) At FOSDEM he was hard at work on the Mac doing Plasma things to get the whole KDE4 desktop there (while I was doing similar stuff on the KDE4 branded SunRay next to him). And at dinner he produced the Plasma 1973, which also got a big round of “oohs” and “aahs”.

So I’m looking forward to being involved – at arm’s length – in Plasma development this summer. While I work on big iron, my student can work on small iron. KDE Ubiquity.

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