For kicks, I used graphviz to put together a graph of the dependency packages that we’ve built for Solaris over the past six months. It’s 6479x1149 pixels, kind of large. Maybe it would make a good motivational poster. There’s some pink blocks in there, those are intermediate packages for circular dependencies (e.g. gettext depends on libiconv and vice-versa).

All of those build. I’ve just started another round of package building and uploading, so intrepid Solaris users can fetch those instead of struggling with compilation and then move on to the interesting bits (as far as I’m concerned) of working on KDE. Note that there’s a whole bunch of dependencies not done yet and therefore not on this graph. Small stuff like libcaptury, for instance. Or SCIM in ten flavors.

The packages may be obtained from BionicMutton’s Solaris page (a stellar example of webdesign if I do say so myself). More packages go up every now and then. My current mode of thinking is that if we can get our showstoppers done with, I’m going to turn my attention to packaging up in SVR4 style at least support, libs, pimlibs and base (this is not all that difficult by now, although I’m not sure if cmake-generated makefiles like a DESTDIR – yes, it does). Then you can “just” roll out a KDE4 desktop without mucking about with compiles or tarballs.

Stefan is working on Konsole: that means porting it from K3Process to KProcess (which fixes the ^C handling issues, apparently). Konqueror is not crashing in KJS today (it does elsewhere, though). KCMs are ok now. That’s three out of three showstoppers down, and it’s only wednesday.

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