It’s fall with a vengeance all of a sudden here in Nijmegen. Rain, rain, wind, leaves all over the place. It almost feels like it’s time to switch on an extra server at home to keep the place warm (one that would do regular builds of KDE4 on other non-Linux OSsen, for instance). Traffic is all snarled up from the change as well, which I happily ignore as I bike past it (getting soaked in the rain, though).

The third Amsterdam Girl Geek Dinner is next week, october 8th in Amsterdam. Free admission for Dutch high school students (girls only, of course). There’s a nice intro (in Dutch) over at Dutch Cowgirls (a site I wasn’t aware of previously, but there’s lots of interestingly random stuff blogged there).

Thirdly, here’s the really-really short version of the CfP for the NLUUG VJ09 conference to be held in may of 2009: The NLUUG Spring Conference 2009 focuses on storage and the means to organise it: file systems, physical storage, connections and search. We solicit contributions in the form of talks and workshops on the following topics.

  • file system organization
  • file metadata
  • file search and retrieval
  • search on unordered data
  • distributed storage
  • volume and storage space management
  • storage interconnect
  • humongous storage needs
  • cloud storage
  • federated storage
  • efficiency in storage
  • backups and disaster recovery

I always like to have some desktop-oriented talks, and I can see a place for both KDE and GNOME technology stacks being discussed here from the file-metadata through to search and organization levels. Deadlines will be in the new year, but bear in mind that there are nice conferences to submit talks to.

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