Some good ideas just keep giving and giving. Long long ago Tink started up the “People behind KDE” series of interviews as a way of giving people a good view of the people behind the commit messages; something a little more intrusive or personal than you might otherwise find out about a given KDE contributor and also less self-selected than the blogosphere.

Thanks to that blogothang we get a lot more personal stuff through PlanetKDE already – and this is a means to weave a tighter social fabric amongst the contributors to KDE-the-project. But doing interviews which are more than just email-questionnaires is a good thing. I only just spotted the most recent behind-kde interview with Michael Pyne and it’s spot on. I always assumed he had been attacked by a giant squid once or twice. MPyne, you need to come to Akademy, I’m sure we can arrange something for you (and we even chose a seaside venue for 2009).

Anyway, no good idea goes unpunished, and the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has started a similar interview series with FSFE fellows. It’s a nice start to get to hear from some of the other people in Free Software in Europe, from a more policy- and PR angle. (Hey, there’s even a People Behind GNOME, I see now. No People Behind Postgres, though.)

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