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"who is the love?" / they'll say "it's me."

Forgetting that it was Tom Cochrane scores two turds. Somewhere I even have a tape of his work with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Paul looks forward to LEL💔 and thin clients. I’ll be bringing the KDE-branded SunRay, which will also be a big push to getting some of the rendering artifacts sorted out. I’ll be running SunRay server on my laptop to see how that goes. I’m looking forward to the show, also to compare it to, say, LinuxTag and later this year to LWE Utrecht.

On the KDE websites front, I salute Kyle💔 and Sam💔 for their work on various bits – dot, planet, and the websites as a whole. I’ll take a moment to applaud Anne Wilson for UserBase. For the websites I have often been curmudgeonly, regarding efforts to re-do the whole thing with better technology as a waste of time because I think the problem is less in technology and more in the realm of available people and skills. But Kyle and Sam show leadership in both technology and editorship and handle the process of website maintainence well, so I have high hopes.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Francien D. for doing the lazyweb bit and finding turd icons for me to use in future evaluation tools; this one is from

The turd icon was not archived by the Wayback Machine. Broken links marked with a 💔.