Like I wrote previously, the Linux Expo Live show was pretty slow. That gave us plenty of time to chat with other Free Software exhibitors. I whomped up a talk on the subject of software quality checking; thanks to Jon M. from RedHat for letting me use his laptop for the presentation itself. I had about twenty in the audience, which was reasonable for this event; even the largest talks drew only about 40 people.

But you can only talk for so long, and you can only eat so many jelly babies (scavenged from other stands) before a touch of boredom sets in. Fortunately the Minolta stand was giving out little soccer / footballs. The inaugural Debian-KDE football match (between the KDE stand and the Heavenly Angels massage area) ended in a 0-1 victory for the desktop. The Drupal-KDE one-legged football match ended indecisively as we all ended up with the giggles. To comemmorate this historic occasion, many of the Free Software folk at the fair signed it. We’ve got Phil Hands of Debian, myself and Mike Arthur and Paul Adams from KDE, Drupal, Joomla!, OpenNMS (who employ Ben Reed, who does the KDE-on-MacOSX port), GNOME, Open StreetMap and PostgreSQL on the ball (top, side and bottom views). I’m considering auctioning it off – with the permission of the signatories, as a unique relic of the game – if I can think of a good price for it. Proceeds to the Free Software project of your choice (i.e. bidding winner donates bid amount to any Free Software project). Who starts the bidding at EUR 100.00?

The Wayback Machine did not archive the pictures of the game ball.