It’s the season of dashing around from conference to conference. Suffice to say that the NLUUG / ELCE conference was fun, organisationally a success and I really like the co-location of the two, since it meant an influx of new faces and new ideas. I now know more about the ARM and cross-building and even managed to listen to some grumpiness regarding the Ubuntu packaging of KDE in the context of cross-compilation (basically the way some of our build tools are hidden in other packages, I guess).

As usual there were lots of “it would be cool to get together and …” type conversations, where a sample instantiation of the template is “… drink beer and talk more about Free Software.”

Tomorrow / today is LinuxWorldExpo in Utrecht, where I’ll be doing more NLUUG / CodeYard things; Jos – one of them, I forget which – is also giving a KDE talk at the Open Source pavilion. IIn between my talks I’ll be canvasing for the next NLUUG conference, which will be on Storage and File Systems (may 7th 2009). Wondering whether it would be fun to co-host something then again.

Next week is calm before the storm, and then there’s which will take me through to december. No time for a fall depression here.

In passing I’ve also bumped the KDE specs for OpenSolaris up to KDE 4.1.3; a few build regressions have been introduced due to the happy constructor pattern and CMake 2.6.2 doing things differently, but it’s solvable. Tried KDE trunk again but I’ve hit a snag in detecting automoc, which I’ll take up with the buildsystem folks in good time. Between conferences.