It’s only a few days away: my farthest trip south yet, beating my previous best landfall by about 2.4 degrees of latitude. Free Software takes you places. Heck, today it took me to Amsterdam to participate in a workshop on Open Source in government. The biggest take-away point from this workshop was “communication channels are paramount” – that and one of Wade’s “together” images has snuck into a Dutch government movie on Open Source.

But it’s off to Bangalore on sunday for, which is the biggest Free Software conference on the subcontinent. Some of the folk from ELCE will be there as well; Free Software takes you places and we still keep bumping in to each other. And some of the people I met only briefly at Akademy this year will be on their home turf and I’m really looking forward to meeting them again. We’ve got a pretty good KDE lineup going. It is the project of the day on thursday. Pradeepto is heading that effort while I’ll be giving a talk or two. If I look at the schedule I’m a little over-committed, but there’s just so darn much to talk about in KDE land that I could fill the whole darn week if needed.

Many metaphorical seeds will be sown at

For wondrous Indian eye candy, check out this poster; it is just one example of the fine work done by Kamaleshwar Morjal in the run-up to the conference.