A good conference picks you up and holds you tight and squeezes you and wrings you out and hangs you out to dry, and then does it again the next day. FOSS.in is a good conference. It’s 2am here and I’m awake because I went to bed too early with an upset tummy, but tomorrow we’ll do it all again. Two workouts are on my schedule, Piyush on producing a suitable animated interactive getting started guide and Moinak on Belenix installer things. No talks to give, but I’ll probably ending up talking all day, just like I have the past five days.

My own talks: KDE4-Solaris, Plasma, EBN and a Plasma Workout (that is an exhausting schedule) went pretty well. We didn’t dive deep into Plasma technologies or implementations, but the result at the end of the day was seven new contributors with working development environments for KDE4 Plasmoid hacking. We will be updating documentation as appropriate, since there were a fair number of gotchas we ran into. That’s a consequence of having a wild mix of distros, operating systems and build environments. It is, nonetheless, a good result.