Although I have been blogging, the bulk of the work (as in 12/13ths) at the KDE stand was done by other people. Kushal has all of the pictures and videos and other documentary evidence for the embarrassment of attendees (yes, I did fall asleep at the stand and the floor was very comfy). I’m sorry to hear he arrived home in poor condition. It must be a real come-down from the high of an intense conference.

So, the real work was done by Akarsh (who couldn’t attend itself, unfortunately), Shashank, Piyush, Sharan, Gopala, Ramky, Lakshya, Aditya, Prashanth, Anurag, Roshan, Tejas, Kartik, and of course Kushal and Pradeepto. And that’s probably still neglecting several folk.

Just one of the most impressive things they did in deepest secret was the creation of a 28-page booklet about KDE technologies and getting involved. You know those folders and pamphlets we always wish we had at trade shows? Right here. I got to take 150 of them back home, for the booth box and similar purposes. Thanks to Sirtaj for sponsoring the books in particular.

PS. Gaurav Vaz, I hate you. But in a good way, and only because of that damn video.