Where did the week go. Well, I know where some of it went, last-week-before Christmas cleanups at the office (where I now work only 2 days a week on Computer Science in High Schools, developing lesson materials) and then putting on my organizing hat for a spontaneous midwinter block party, BBQ and booze fest. I settled on the idea with a neighbour (also called Adriaan) friday, printed up some invites, bought lots of dead animals saturday, and sunday night we had 15 kids and 20 adults standing around the fire out on the street for a dead-of-winter party. Dutch weather being what it is, 10 degrees and dry is pretty nice. Almost T-shirt weather for us Canucks, and since I was tending the fire and the BBQ, that’s just what I did.

I didn’t sing any songs. Pradeepto tells a good tale (and Gopel V is indeed infinitely cool). Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. And lest anyone forget, I still need to team up with .. um .. probably Paul Adams as “Bizzarre Bazaar” and defeat Wade Olson and Aaron Seigo in a battle of the nerdcore bands. At least my hazy memories of Akademy events past tell me this is so.

Hats off to Kushal Das, (although I have no Red Hat to take off, so it will be a tip of the OpenSolaris cap instead) for his “I am Fedora” series. It’s something I would love to do at an Akademy, collecting the voices of KDE. I always forget to bring the right equipment or actually hunt down people to do it; curse busy conference schedules for that. So, at Camp KDE remind me about it. Speaking of which:

Banner with “I’m going to FOSDEM”

I’m going to FOSDEM. It falls regrettably together with a Plasma developer sprint (where I have no business attending, anyway), so I will be drinking beer instead of port and freezing my nadgers off in a wintery Brussels. The shock will be all the greater because I’ll be shortly back from Jamaica. Unfortunately I don’t think we have a “I’m going to Jamaica” banner, yet. I’m going, and combining it with a visit to my brother in Tegucigalpa. My goals are once more community building. Technically, I’ll probably be doing something with OpenSolaris, although if some of the PC-BSD folk would be there, I can be persuaded to switch to another Free Software Operating System That Is Not Linux.

Colour me blue. Couldn’t that be our theme song?