Packaging isn’t just about software, it’s also about putting socks and clean undies in a backpack and getting ready to travel. Or is that packing? Imagine, if you will, <img src=I’mGoingToCampKDE> <img src=I’mGoingToFOSDEM> <img src=I’mGoingToKano> and you realize that Free Software gets around. Of the three, I think the most exciting one is the new Free and Open Source Nigeria conference, organized by Mustapha. He was at Akademy in Belgium this summer, and I look forward to seeing him and sharing his fervent belief in the importance of education and Free Software in Africa. It was kind of cold and drizzly during the boat trip when we spoke, so I look forward to better climes.

I’m packing up and heading out today, because I will visit my brother briefly before going to Jamaica. It’s sort of a “if I’m going to be on that side of the ocean anyway” thing.

See you (in the sense of “all the KDE people going to this event”) soon. It will be humongous.