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Quoth Jos – apparently still inspired from his Plasma meeting in the ocean last night – “you have to disable these optimizations that make it horribly slow”. There’s probably a “root of all evil” joke to be made there as well.

The general impressions of CampKDE provided by Alexandra, Casey, Jos and Chani (she’s napping through Bill’s talk, it seems; consequences of staying up and blogging too late) are spot on. Relaxing and productive at the same time.

I was honoured to fill in for Pradeepto; it took two guys (Till and me) to fill his shoes. The topic - cultural challenges in and around KDE - is one that I’ve already discussed with Guillermo and Maurizio. It is a hot topic, and one where we can make improvements quickly, for instance by supporting events all over the world more often.

[[ Now writing from the perspective of day 2 ]] Guillermo’s talk on the challenges and needs of Mexican small business complements day 1’s cultural talk very well. As usual there is an issue with domain-specific applications – small business inventory management with barcode scanner support, for instance – that have never become popular to write in the Free Software world (like everyone writes an IRC client at some point in their lives, noone writes an inventory management system). The cultural side intrudes in the potential interactions between local software developers who are in tune with the local needs and the wider community (assuming you want to integrate into a wider community – something Guillermo supports). There are many bridges to build and, if his touristy photos are to be believed, pools to be filled and aid to be given.

Somewhere between day 1 and day 2 was night 1, which included groups sitting on the beach (and later in the ocean) discussing KDE community dynamics. Relaxing and productive at the same time.